We believe that the best way to learn and progress is to ally theory and practical lessons. For this reason, each Enolfactive Kit contains :
- The molecules responsible for each specific aroma or fault, in capsules to be dissolved directly in the wine sample just before the training session or the learning course
- The learning book, especially written for the kits, which presents for each molecule : the origin, the compound, the molecular mechanisms, the prevention and treatment methods.
The combination between these two elements will make each training session 100% efficient.

To best answer your expectations, the Enolfactive kits allow to train for the recognition of aromas/off flavours directly on a wine matrix.

This will make you train in the real conditions, considering the great complexity and diversity of molecular expression and sensory analysis in the "real" wine.

For this, the molecules of the kits have been designed and produced by our partner AROXA, specialist of molecules nanoencapsulation technology for sensory analysis for more than 20 years. This technology allows, for an extended shelf life, reproducing “real-life” wine aromas/faults. These certified wine flavour standards are nanoencapsulated to make them easy to use - just spike the content of a capsule into a bottle of wine and start your training!

Enolfactive kits allow to organize simple auto-training sessions as well as solid learning courses, alone or as a team.

No schedule limits, no agenda issues, no trip organization, you save time and money.

Enolfactive kits can be a great opportunity to create team motivation and improvement.
Test yourself, improve the global skills of your team and strengthen the quality of your work !

Innovative and easy to use

Enolfactive kits allow to set up a training session for up to 30 participants

Shipping worldwide

Enolfactive Kits can be shipped all over the World

24/7 Help Center

Round-the-clock assistance for a smooth shopping experience.

Always updated

The book attached to the kit is constantly updated with the last scientific knowledges