The Enolfactive project was born from the encounter of 3 wine professionals, passionate about sensorial analysis and wine biochemistry :

Christophe GERLAND

Christophe holds a master degree in wine microbiology and a 15-years "hands on" experience in the wine industry. One of the main expert on sparkling wines, founder and CEO of the INTELLI'OENO company since 2003, Christophe has delivered hundreds of workshops to winemakers and wine professionals in the most famous wine regions of the world. Christophe is a consultant for several French and international wineries and actively collaborates with several actors of the wine industry.


Oenology professor, Marco taught at the University of Missouri before moving to France in 2014. Expert of wine form native Italian grape varieties, he collaborated with Christophe GERLAND on the conception and teaching of workshops dedicated to positive aromas and varietal thiols management in wines.


Agronomy ingeneer, Corentin created and currently manage Autres Vignes company, dedicated to selection, purchase and distribution of wines. Via Autres Vignes, Corentin stays across the wine sector : at the interface between the production (winemakers) and the distribution (buyers, wine distributors, etc.).

In close partnership with the AROXA company, specialist for 20 years of the nano-encapsulation of molecules for sensorial analysis training, we set up different kits, allowing wine professionals :Through this permanent touch with all the actors of the wine sector, Enolfactive focused on the development of tools to help wine professionnals : the Enolfactive Kits.

- to train on the detection and recognition of the main impact molecules, theme by theme.

- to educate on the chemical and the management of these compounds : nature of the molecules, appearance mecanisms, prevention strategies 

Through these objective endpoints, Enolfactive kits offer in the same time to test your sensorial capacities, to progress in the wine knowledge, to limit the risks and find keys to enhance product quality.

Of course, to stay at the cutting edge of the scientific findings, all the written contents in the kits are regularly updated, on each point approached.