Enolfactive Kits

We believe that the best way to learn and progress is to ally theory and practical lessons. For this reason, each Enolfactive Kit contains :
The molecules, in capsules to pour directly in the wine sample just before the training session or the learning course
The learning book, which presents for each molecule : the origin, the compound, the molecular mechanisms, the prevention and treatment methods.
Enolfactive Kits
The combination between these two elements will make each training session 100% efficient.

To answer your expectations, the Enolfactive kits allow to train for the recognition of aromas/off flavours directly on the wine milieu.

Thus, you train in the real conditions, taking into account the great complexity and diversity of molecular expression and sensorial analysis in the "real" wine.

For this, the molecules of the kits have been designed and produced by our partner AROXA, specialist of molecules encapsulation for sensory analysis for more than 20 years. The AROXA technology allows a great stability and fidelity of the aromas, with a real security and comfort of use.